Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lord lay your hands on me!!!!

Even though i'm two weeks late with this news I still feel a need to report on the issue. Around the end of 07 there was speculation that this dapper man of the cloth, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, was seen striking his astranged wife, Juanita Bynum. It's weired because whhen i've heard anything about the situation, I hear it from her perspectve. She's had many different television appearances, where she holds herself as a marter for batterd women. Which in my opinion is kind of strange. However, two weeks ago in his first television interview since his arrest, Bishop weeks expressed his heart and soul to BET to set the record straight. After watching the interview, i've come to two conclusions. Either this dude is a great actor or he's telling the truuth. Not only did he did he dispell the rumors about the night in question, but he he also elaborated on where the marriage went wrong. He stated the Juanita was fed up with the ministry and wanted to be a mogul like oprah. He went on to talk about the changes in her. For one the change in her appearance and demeanor. Her change in appearance I can atest to, because a long time ago she was more of a homey type of female( sorry lord). But, out of no where she became more sexy. Weeks would also discus the relationship between Bynum and his daughter, which was filled with resentment. The bow-tie wearing bishop also proclaimed that the reason for bynum wanting to wed with him was beacause of the fact that nobody took her ministry seriously. So attaching herself to a powerful and prominent pastor would give her ministry some relivence. For some reason I do beleave because I do know woman who are like this. Then he blurted out instances where he had been the victum of Juanita's battery. He had supposedly been slapped in a limo coming from a banquet. What man would ctually admitt that on national television!!!?? Yeah, I know, a man facing jail time. But as a whole, I do feel that this situation has been blown out of Proportion by both parties. May I add she also put out a rumor that dude was gay. This ends up making the christian world look like fools. How can we preach peace to the people when God's followers are acting just as rotten as the world. However, like we all do this couple had fallen victum to the power of thy flesh. Which the human flesh is the destroyer of mankind. It's what made eve eat the apple, it's what made cain kill able, ir's what made Jimmy Swagger commit adultry,need I go on? Well enough with the preaching, time to break down the FuZz of Bishop Weeks!!!! You know itwouldn't be right if I didn't!!!! Now this is what I mean when you take something and make it your own. He knows how to rock bow-ties and not look like he's jacking bentley(Take that Mr. Tribbet!!) he looks well put together, a very clean cut gentlemen. i digs his FuZz game. Now his moral ethics I don't know about, but i'll let God judge that.

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