Sunday, February 3, 2008

For the love of the FuZz!!!!

In the first installment of for the love of the FuZz of 08, we take a look at Jay Manuel from America's Next top Model. I don't know if it's his prsonal style or the direction of a stylist, but his look is flawless!!! I dub him the walking, living, breathing Ken Doll.Besides his obvious role at top model, he also a is make-up artist, fashion photographer, and model. Talk about a jack of all trades!!! But i'll give it to him, his style is tough. i've noticed when it comes to fashion, there are certain people who deserves to beon best dressed lists year after year, nut they never get recognized. It's shocked me that some of my favorites have been picked over the years(kanye, Jay-z, pharrell, john legend, Andre 3000, Gay Talese, Pete dorty). But Jay Manuel is one who I feels deserves to be on the best dressed list.He stunts FuZz so hard!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Yes, I Whole Heartedly Agree I Thought I Was The Only One Who Liked Him Wait I Love Him lol But I Like The Way He Dresses He Has Mega Style And knows What He's Doing When He Do What He Do!!!!!!!