Thursday, May 5, 2011

Womens Bass Glenbrook Oxford Heel

One of the best pairz of a fusion shoe that i've seen since the inroduction of the Manolo timberland heels. The mix of a heel and a saddle shoe iz def crazy rediculouse. But I mean that def in a positive manner!!! I've alwayz loved the class and sophistication of a saddle shoe. Bass haz to be one of my favorite classic shoe brandz. But to me it'z kind of strange that they came with the idea to fuse a women'z heel and a saddle shoe together. However, i feel this type of shoe should be worn some where close to 50's style. Long denim skirt or even better a mid calf khaki skirt, a polo shirt, with a sweater draipping the shoulderz. Almost a new age preppy look for a female. I swear, I love having visionz!!!! Found on the

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