Saturday, May 7, 2011


Thiz right here iz a classic Dieon Sanders outfit!!!! Who knowz how to destroy the scene in a royal blue suit on the red carpet like Mr. Dieon "Dallas Cowboys aren't crap without me" Sanders!!!! Dieon in my eyez waz alwayz the most well dressed athelete in the football world. He waz never afraid to show off hiz wealth!!!! Well I do feel Micheal Erving did give him some comp!!!! Dang man in the early 90'z that'z when football playerz weren't afraid to really dress in that playa lifestyle. Bold color suitz, wide brim hatz, fur coatz!!! But theze Tiki Barber catz took over the best dressed listz and made everybody go bespoke. But atleast some of the basketball playerz still dress hard!!!! Dieon triez to go subtle a lot of timez. But then they're are momentz he feelz he haz to show them why they call him prime time!!!

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