Monday, May 30, 2011


So as far as tv goes i've sort of been out of the loop for a min. So two day's ago I flipping through hip-hop weekley and what what do I see? Flicks of music soulchild looking oh sharp on 106 and park!!!! Now I only saw the top portion, so in my head I knew he had to have sick dark twisted fantasy of putting the rest of that fit together. I mean, it's rare to see him fully suited. So you know he had to throw a hint of a casual feel in there some where. googling his from 106 I realised I was def right. dude did the mullet on the bottom with jeans and sneakers. Now I know there are some that would be disappointed and some that would approve but i'm in the approve line. However. I do feel this is one of those looks that says, ahhhhhh you know what? let me throw these shoes and dress pants on!!! The jacket, tie, and waistcoat vest looks so crisp. It screams for pants!!! However, I do feel dark indigo denim would have made the look more classy then a lighter wash. However, the lighter denim wash does signal for a relaxed vibe which mean business on top and party on the bottom. B+ outfit

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