Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Whatz FuZzN bloggerz, I know itz been a while since ya FuZz haz talked to ya'll but I had to sit down and make time. Nothin but random thoughtz. Life haz been in one never ending blur. A few triumphz, a lot of freak out momentz, but in the end God haz been able to see me through. A lot of douterz, haterz, and suckaz on my trail but i've learned to stay focused. I find myself praying harder day by day. Dang today iz march 9th. R.I.P NOTORIOUS B.I.G. WONDER WHAT THE WORLD WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE IF HE LIVED. Maybe hip-hop wouldn't be so in a huge waistland!!!! Stinkz that you got to rely on old CD'z to keep me going. despite the fact i'm still not a wayne fan, i'm kind of diggin the rebirth. wayne had been workin himself up to making thiz album. It waz aparent in leather so soft(GROUND ZERO IZ MY TRACK ON REBIRTH). Chick I uzed to talk to looked at my watch and said not too many people rock D&G lol! Chickz crazy!!!! Been goin shoe crazy recently. STACY ADAMZ KINGSMAN SPECTATOR SHOEZ ARE THE MOST DANGEROUZ PAIR OF HARD BOTTOMZ OF 2010. DENIM IMPULSEZ are a guilty pleasure. Can't wait to kill em with thoze. It'z funny how most of my friendz have drifted in seperate directionz of life. Some prospering, some just makin endz meet, and otherz are just failing. I pray everyone haz great success. My Pookie haz become my number one true best friend. True test of a relationship people. can u talk to em? can they listen to u? I love her to death. Proud of the woman shhe iz. I honestly feel their are too many insecure weirdoz out here. Thatz why i come off anti social. Many timez I hit people with the ssmile a knod hoping they leave or stop talking. I know it hurtz me in the long run. but 9 timez out of 10 they gonna say some weirdo junk thatz jealose and hater filled. I feel like that song on Musiq'z 3rd album, people need to give more love. Stay real people hit you with later. Stay FuZz!

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