Saturday, March 20, 2010

better than disney land and world, bush gardens, THE HOLY LAND EXPERIENCE!!!!!!

TBN (trinity broadcasting network) haz been promoting a multi million dollar theme park in Orlando florida called the holy land experience. Now what setz thiz theme park apart from all the otherz iz that itz geared towardz eventz and accurencez in the bible. From Jesus'z trail to the cross to the story of moses. There are many other biblical exhibitz az well. Now I know what many of u are thinking, HOW IZ A BIBLICAL THEME PARK GOING TO BE FUN? Man don't knock it. Think of it az a vizual guide to all of the thingz u ever wanted to see about the bible. U know how u read a book, and u have the scenez already formulated in ur mind of how they were depicted. Then along comez the movie that bringz ur favorite scenez to life. Thiz iz what the Holy Land doez. It bringz the bible to life.

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