Saturday, March 20, 2010


Yez people For the Love of the FuZz iz back with more style to drop on u suckaz!!!! Thiz time around I decided to uze the Music production tag team force known az Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Besidez theze guyz being Multi platinum Grammy award winning super producerz, they have great style. What I love about gentz are classic sharp. Alwayz suited and well dressed for any event. In the age of Gucci bagz and Loui ragz, therez a core of individualz that don't let the brand or garment dictate how cool they are. Yez ladiez and gentlemen, classic, sleek, and cool iz still in. And theze guyz exemplify that notion. But letz be real, if u've ever were a member of Morris Day and the time, u would have a knack for dressin sharp az well. You know over time a few artistz of today still try to bring thiz type of cool image that Jimmy Jam and terry lewis have doned. You have the Ne-yo'z and at timez Justin Timberlake who try to keep it cool. But itz hard to revive such a cool air. I mean thiz type of style goez back to the 1950'z with the Motown sound. Shark skin suitz, stetson brim, stacy adamz shoez. Man it just waz a different era. It waz about actually being a gentleman. IDK. Life haz gotten too fast now a dayz, people don't want to take the time to try and practice theze qualitiez, let alone wearing the clothez. Any way, celebrate true style at itz best with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

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