Sunday, March 21, 2010


When one thinkz of Co-signing we tend to think Carz and homez. That extra signature that ablez a person to proceed in the buying process. You may need an individual to help you co-sign for a loan. But in todayz time many are seeking for individualz to Co-sign on onez popularity. In many different arena'z and walkz of life, it seemz that everybody iz seeking that stamp of approval. Thoze one or two wordz from a powerful indidual, that help jump start onez pathway to a bright future. After all the Co-sign meanz nothing without people that are willing to follow. Getting Barak Obama elected into the United States presidency waz based on the power of a Co-sign. Many would refute that last statement. But if it wazn't for the funding of one of the most powerful black women in entertainment, Oprah Whinfrey, we would still be entertaining the notion that a black president iz impossable. And just like everything Oprah Co-signz people flocked to it. I beleave even Rachel Ray and Dr. Phil owe a debt of gratitude to Ms. Whinfrey. Without her uzing them on her show Segmentz their Careerz in Televisizion probably wouldn't hhave come to fruition. In many casez it becomez a case of who you know instead of what you know. Going out to different situationz and meeting the So called right people. Doing What they call networking, Getting the right people to beleave in you and your project. Becauze the world iz ready to jump the hottest newest thing. Even Hip-Hop with itz anti establishment lyricz, and f the system thiz and all of that, even fallzz victum to the Co-sign. Over the Yearz Jay-z haz served az elder Statezman over the Rap Community. So whatever Jay-z sayz iz hot we all must start checking for it. Itz deeper than Iceberg Mischino and wearing all black. But more so itz about picking the hottest rapperz in the game. Yearz ago when Jay slowly but surely came out of retirement, everybody wanted to know where he stood on New Rapperz. He then did many interviewz co-signing Lil Wayne az being one of the best Rapperz out at the time. Soon the streetz bubbled and raved over Lil Wayn'z lyricz becauze of that lil extra added push.Now for thoze who seriouz wayne supporterz i'm not sayin Jay made wayne by Co-signing him. But thoze wordz made many lil wayne douterz take a second look at hiz Lyrical skill. "I THINK I MIGHT SEND IT TO THE MIXTAPE WEEZY". Even in current monthz with lil wayne'z young money protege Drake the same type sensation haz been created. When powerful people are Co-signing whatever or whoever it iz, they're letting you know that you need thiz in your life!!!! YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIZ!!!!! The hard part with a Co-sign iz when doez seeking it go over board. When doez it become an issue of trying to attract attention and just seeking the approval of otherz?????!!!!!!! We live in a competitive society, where we supposedly teach our children, it doezn't matter whether you win or loze, but itz how you play the game. But yet when it comez to academicz we see az testscorez and statisticz instead of actual developing human beingz. Our doctrine iz so mixed up it perplexez me at timez. Our society iz forcing uz to depend on the thoughtz and feelingz of other human beingz. Placing otherz on higher peddle stoolz to give them power so they can be esteemed. Even I myself have been caught up into the world wind of co-signing. The individualz co-sign you az long az they need u. Saying your great, the moment they don't need you, your out the door like next yearz trash getting put out for tommorrow. Beware of the wordz of otherz. Beware how you let their wordz take control of your life. They may help you further you career, but they're wordz don't control your destiny.

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