Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sorry ya'll!!!!!

My bad for the lack of posts!!!!. I've been making moves. I've started back to school. plus I've been making moves on the low. Yes, just small baby steps, on my quest for world FuZziNaTiOn!!!! Yeah, i'm makin up words!!!! But ya'll love it. Any way, on Saturday ya fUzZ will be a guest judge on My boy Mike Nice's show. He plans to have the best hip-hop acts from the New Haven area contend for a cash prize. Yours Trully will be judging the style of the contestants. Don't worry I ain't on no Simmon from American Idol sex!!! But, I plan to be fair on Judgin the fashions of each Rapper. So that's going on. If you guys live in the New Haven area I will let you know when the show plans to air. What else?!! Oh yeah, Me and my boy Bacardi laid down our version of Big Pun's classic Represent. Titled, REPRESENT 08 is available for your listening pleasure on my myspace page. If you want to check it out, find my page through my goverment name, Milton E. Brown, JR. Or just search it through my E-Mail: . Oh and trust, the track is straight fUzZ. Oh, my boy boy cardi is putting the finishing touches on the song "Icey" which will be forth coming!! We got high hopes for that joint!!! But, yeah Milt-Fresh the Best-Dressed a.k.a the FrEsH-KiNg will be making big moves between the rest of 07 and boomin in 08!!!

P.S. Happy early Birthday to my baby girl VERONICA!!!! She turns the big 20 on sept 16.

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