Saturday, September 22, 2007


This here is my boy Will Corey. I'm talkin bout pre-school, kindergarden, first, second, and third grade. Then plus on top of that dude is from my hood. We've stood side by side in the sickest parties and freaked the most wildest girls, on the dance floor together. This man was the howard ave pretty boy. We talkin bout sneakers on top of sneakers, the dude even made his school uniform look fUzZ,I'm talkin bout wallabees with the uniform!!! oh and when the dude got dressed up. he killed it(baby blue suits with the matchin hat, wine color plaid suit with the sick pork pie joint)!!! !!! Besides that, he was an all around good dude. A man's man.
It's been three years since you passed away. To tell you the truth, it's hard to comprehend that my man is gone. The spirit of malice, envy, and hate took Will away. I mean, that's why I feel the way I do hen people startin hattin, in general. He lost his life, over this stuff. Will was the Howard Ave dream. Road around in his royal blue acura, everybody wanted to hang around him. chicks wanted to be with him, and others wanted to be like him.
But, because my man was livin his version of prosperous, he was shot and killed. When does it end? When will man learn to be content with the lives they lead!? If you couldn't stand to see him shinin, just try to out shine him.
If you saw him with some sick fUzZeD out kicks, go cop somee FuZzIeR ones!!!! If he had a bad chick, go get you a badder one!!!!If you didn't like his royal blue ac, go cop you a red honda(hood cars!!! Go figure!!). But, don't kill him!!! Because of jealosy, a father has lost a son, a sister has lost a brother, a mother gave up on life, a daughter has lost her father, and a friend committed suicide!!!! Because of sensless violence, other people are effected. It's time to wake up!!!! We can't live like this any more!!! We as a people have to stop killin one another period!! I'm tired of seeing it!!!
MAN, FORGET THE KILLING!!! I'm tired of black people discriminating against each other. I always said, my enemy isn't in some suberbial town. my enemy isn't a white kid. My enemy lives down the street, around the corner,or the next hood over and has the same skin complection as me!!! That's the sad part. My enemy is another young black male or female, who is trying to make it just like me!!! They can't stand the way I do my thing, so they scadlize my name, speak death upon my soul.
They can't understand this FuZzY lifestyle so they rather mock it and make fun of it. Knowing deep down inside, if I gave you the shoes off my feet, you would be eternally greatful!!! I don't just take this personally cause it was Will laying in the casket!!! I take it personally cause it could be me layin in it!!! I'm the victum of the same bitter hate!!! It could be anybody!!! But, when it hits home, that's when we want to pre out henny and feel sorry!!! Across town in the rival hood, a mother is going through the same thing!!! If ever this statemen ever made sense, it's now!!! BLACK PEOPLE, WE HAVE TO DO BETTER!!!


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