Saturday, September 15, 2007

Everything for man to be fUzZ this season!!!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are coming upon my favorite times of year. My two favorite seasons are winter and fall. Don't get it twisted, I'm MR.366. I'm fuzzy and fly 365 days a year 366 on the leap year. However, there are more seasons that I love beeter than others. Winter and fall may be more depressing times of year, do to the short days and cold weather. However, These are seasons for serious fUzZ!!! Because, this is a very drab time of year, it is imparitive, that we should atleast bring some type of pazzaz to the situation. Mainly through the men's style of dress. For me, I like to break the rules. I like to wear bright colors all year long. Which normally puts me in a decent mood. I just make sure that my fabrics are not summerish. But, everybody isn't me, so in this blog entry, i plan to bring forth, ways a man can look his best in the winter months.


Now let's be real, we've heard this too, too, too, too many times!!! Every man needs atleast one black suit in the closet. To tell you the truth one black suit can go million miles if used correctly. First of all a black suit can work for any occassion. Be it a job interveiw, church, weddings, sweetheart balls, home coming dances, and get this, even shopping at the mall!!!! I know I got a lot of eyes brows raised on that last one but these are the facts. The concept is to use your dress shirts, ties, and shoes to bring life to it.

2. Dress SHIRTS AND TIES!!!!

Now that you have ya black suit, now it's time to put it to good use. You should invest in atlest 5 dress shirts and 8 different ties. If on a budget, I feel that one suit in the closet may be enough. But, dress shirts and ties are the pulse of a suit. Face and chest, are the first places a person looks, befor working their way down to the feet. The relationship between a dress sirt and tie, is like a happy married couple. That's how perfect they both go together.You can be as flashy or understated as you want all by changing your shirt and tie. For a job interveiw, it's smart if you play it safe. Yes I know, Mr. Lime green and pink, is telling you about playing it safe!!!! However, you can still be flashy and play it safe. sitting infront of yoy future employer, I would say a nice white dress shirt, maybe a solid color tie( a light blue or red. Or if your not feelin the color on the tie, throw down a silverish grey tie.
For your Sweetheart ball you might want to step out a bit. Even though I feel the color red for a sweet heart ball, carination ball, or home coming dance is played out, It can suit you very well, if put together right. A lil trick I learned with dress shirts and ties, is put colors together that normaly would never work. Hense forth the ALL WHITE TIE!!!! Yes an all white tie, can bring life to that red because it's not expected.If you have Black suit, Red dress shirt and white tie. A very deadly combinatin. Personally i've done this the other way around( and on a regular day). Red suit, black dress shirt, and white tie. It's something unexpected.

3. Go hard with the shoes!!!

Now Shoes are one of the most important elements to every look. Shes are what ties it all together. Just for the simple fact that they are the last thing you look at, when your veiwing a persons attire. Your shoes say a lot. Yeah, I know I souund like that wild shoe salesman who dated joan on girl friends, but it's true fuzz!!! Like if I throw down a mean dashiki suit, dress shirt, tie, kangol, and on kill some wallabee clarks on the feet, that means I'm doin a nod to 98, 97, 96 era. Wu-tang, slick rick statis. Since we're talking black suit, If I throw down some classic paten leather Stacy Adams daytons, i'm bring it to you on some old school, sunday morning church service. That particular shoe deserves a level of respect. Old school men and women(50, 60, 70, ect.) know what it is. No if I throw down some Giorgio Brutini Slip on snake skins(the Nino brown's as I call them), that some slick old school cool. Pull out the pointed toe Zota's or the Impulses, your bringin out a more fashion foward innovative look. What I'm sayin is that, ya shoes say a lot. They project different moods and feels. so choose a right selection that suits your style.

4. Every man needs a hat!!!

I'll never forget, back in 04 I was in shop right grocery store, I was fUzZed up with a two peice club suit, black turtle kneck, black shoes,Black waist length fur coat, to top it off, I had a grey stetson brim (passed down from a vet, Archie haskins sr, my grandfather, r.i.p), with a black du-rrag under it( i was on some r-kelly sue me!!!). Well i'll never forget a lady came up to me and said, "brotha you are sharp, but number one you have a hat!!" she went on to say a man isn't dressed unless he has a hat. Which is so true. Now I know they haave these specific rules and regulations, for hate wearing men, like take your hat off at the table, or a meeting, or a date. However, I only take it off at work or church. other than that, the hat does not come off!!!! I'm not conforming to society's standards. Non of those man made standards, don't make you or break you as a person. Because you don't take ya hat off in th resteraunt, are you really that much of a low life!!!??
I'm buggin,but, that's how strong my convictions are for hats. You can cordinate ya hats with what shirts and shoes you have, and keep the same black suit. Befor you go super fly on em, Every man needs black, brown, and grey hats. Those three go down with everything.
Don't know the types or brands? well fedoras, roaring 20's wide brims, pork pies, humbergs or godfather hats. Those hats are serious for a well dressed man. The best hat brands are baily, stetson, dobbs, scala, stacy adams, giorgio brutini. There are some more. Now if you want to scale ya look down to a laid back cool fUzZ, I would suggest a Kangol Cap. Kangol caps are so serious. Even though I dislike both of their styles, but I have to give it to LL cool j and samuel Jackson for their kangol collections. It's so 80's, slick rickish. You might even want to do a newsboy cap or the old school apple jack hats. Besides kangol, Stacy Adams makes nice caps. I have my eye on a leather stacy adams newboy joint. But that ain't nothin compared to what I'm gona be killin this fall, Ya'll at the blog will see it!!!

5. coats!!!

Last element for ya fall wardrobe, is a nice coat. Preferably a nice trech coat. I'll say at least two. One knee length joint and a black one long joint. The black trench coat is always classy. My mother bought my first one when I was 10. She bought if for church. I loved the way that junk flapped in the wind when I walked. Oh I must add it's a plus if it's leather. In the past two years I've been into leather trench coats in odd colors. No im not namin them!!! LOL! thought you were gona get some ideas!!
Now the knee length joint is smooth. It's like some runway calvin klien statis. The best knee joints I saw were on Uniqlo's(japanese casual brand) website. Those joints are cheap, i'm talkin about $56.00. I might have to sceam on me a brown one. for october and late november!!! The key to wearing either one is the coat speaks for itself. It doesn't matter the collar, peop(black people) feel everything has to match. Not true, the coat is it's own entity. My coats may not match a thing. But, that's the beauty of it!!!!!

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