Monday, August 27, 2007

Jay-Z: Fashion Life time achiever or Sell out!!!!!!

Recently my boy Javon a.k.a Hova(yeah how ironic) let me barrow a rap dvd called the Flava Link(the New Haven equivilent to the SMACK and Come up DVD's). Before my sex portable player broke, I was up on all the latest Rap DVD's out. My dvd collection was very extensive. Since then, I haven't been up on the new joints. So basicly I end up peepin the joint on the computer. To make a long story short, the majority of the DVD was about tthe current state of Rocafella Records and the credibility of the man known as Shawn Carter. The DVD, is told from various sides of the spectrum. Starting the DVD off, was the everybody's favorite Champaign bottle holdin, dice dance diddy boppin, loud mouth, hype man Damon Dash. To me his interveiw was the most real, because he told from a man who has not only lost a bussiness partner, but a good friend. Any person could Dame was very hurt by the break up. Not on no, lil girl stuff though. However, it was wild listening to Dame talk. The way he described Jay back in the day, was a Brooklyn Dude, with a Harlem dude's swagger. He went on to say, you can tell by the way he dresses now, he's sort of fallen out of touch with the hood. I find it weired that this talk would be out, since Jay won the number two spot on Esquire Magazines' Best dressed list plus their coveted life time acheivement award. Dame spoke of Hay as the trio's(jay, Dame, and biggs) ambassador. What ever was hot amognst the three of them, Jay rapped about it, causing the mass influence for the streets to run out and buy it. He also remarked that the majority of trends that Jay rapped about wasn't Jay's ideas. It was Biggs. Biggs rolled up with the Iceberg Sweaters first, Bigs came through with the Wild presidential Rolex first, Biggs was the first with the Range Rover. However, Jay gets the credit for all of the trends. I'M GOING TO BE UP FRONT!!!! Over all to me Jay has been a style beast!!!Mind you, coming up I was a not a Jay-z supporter. However, the only think I respect of Jay is the Floss!!! I mean we can take it back to reasonable dout days. Who do you know who can duck a hail of gun fire from females, in a suit, shall, dress shoes, and a godfather hat? Who do you know that can get hits orderd in a yellow suit on a tropical Island? I mean, lets take it back to 95, when jay used to hit hardcore clubs with biggie in silk versace button downs dress pants and dress shoes. Find the old footage, that's how he used to dress. He was personafied as a boss. And that's no different 14-15 years later. He is a boss. To me, Dame's comment was a cheap shot, meaning jay went soft or selling out for corperate America aka the the white man. If we were to say there was a harlem standard of Fly what would it be? If we listen to Jim Jones, he would say, it's Long Johns and some jeans, **** a button up shirt. However, who is the real sell out? If I call out Jim Jones on this whole Rockstar look, I really feel that's a sell out look. How do you invest in tight T-Shirts with White Rock bands , You know nothing about?!!! The nigga probably never listed to a metalica song in his life(oh trust I have!! Enter the Sandman!!!!!!). But, because you live the whole sex, drugs, and music thing, that allows you the right to call yourself a rock star. To me that's way worst than anything jay is doing!! However Jim jones wants to attack Jay. No matter what, Jay is showing the Black Males that soon or later you are going to have to step out of your eliment. Baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts and kicks won't cut it!!! Everybody wants to make fortune 500 company money, but they don't want to do what it takes. If a kid from Marcy Projects can become successful, than anybody can. However, Jay understands the evolution of change. In the hood, the momment you change, you're labled a sell out!!! Or your not being true to your roots. I can't get everybody to understand, the clothes don't make the man. The man makes the clothes. You are still going to be the same dude. Clothes can't change who you are. What did jay say on the black album? You could try to change, but that's just the top layer, man you was who you was befor you got here. That's real, like me, I dress up every day, but that doesn't change who I am or where i'm from. I lived in my neighborhood(Hillside) for 22 years, and i'm 22 years old (figure that out). Because im fuzzed up in a suit daily, does that make me out of touch with the hood? I've seen the same shootings, i've ducked the same bulliets, and the cops look at me the same way. None of that changes. It's just over my lifetime, I've just wanted to express myself differently. Jay hasn't sold out, regardless of what Dame, Biggs, cam, Jim jones, Calvin Klein, or Jaz-o has to say. Where were these guys back in the day? Why didn't the G check him back in Dynasty days or Streets is watchin? Ill tell you why, it's because Jay is a household name now. For every one bad comment in the street about him, theres a million moves Jay is making. calvin Kein speaks on jay, now that he makes the forbs list. I'm telling you, this is much more than clothes. It's a question of character, Image, and principles. Now this is the stuff they need to teach in Public School. Anyway, Jay raise ya bottle of Ace with pride!!!!

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