Sunday, August 12, 2007

All lil bit of this and that from the FrEsH-KiNg

yeah ya'll this is ya boy YOUNG MZA aka Milt fresh a.k.a the best dressed comin to you live from the blogger!!! Let me just tell you a lil about myself. I am a man of principle, a man of action, and a man of style. I am a hard working individual from New Haven, Ct. My number one way of expressing myself is through my dress code. If I had to describe my style it would be loud and fancy!!! Or I would just use the term fUzZy. The way you see me in this pic is the way you'll see me anywhere. God, blesses me with the chance to wake up in the morning, so I feel everyday god gives me, is an event within itself. So I dress up 365 days and 366 on the leap year for an event called life. There are no days off!!! People look at me funny when I tell them that. People look at me funny when they see this young man who looks like he should be attending a sunday morning service, walking down the street, or walking in the mall with the love of his life (hey veeronica!!!).
well, anyway I can date my love for clothes all the way back to 95 and 96, when I was in the 5th and sixth grade. I used to watch videos and by the source, just to see what my favorite rappers, had on. Back then and even to this day I've been a huge Wu-tang fan. I was in love with all the different trends that they set in the game. From Ghost and Raekwon wearing silk Versace shirts(even though big and puff are more known for them) with jeans and Wallabee clarks, to just being at the forefront of gritty grimey New York style. But, i realized the clothes on an individual was one thing. But, it was awhole entire image. Your walk, your talk, what are your interests, what are you exposed to, what environment you come from, what are you all about? Does your environment play a part on who you are as a person?what types of actions do you display? Are you an upstanding citizen or are you a low life?
Style is much more than just what you put on your back or where you shop. I mean, lets even go there garment wise. A pair of wallabee clarks on Raekwon meant something totally different from when diddy, mase, and carl thomas wore them in the been around the world video. Wallabees meant something different, when snoop used to wear them in the lugs adds. I guess what I learned that you have to make your own mark on the world. You don'thave to follow trends because that's what the masses are doing. Be original, step outside the box. I hate that term, but it's the truth. 1 million people can't do the same thing. Like AIR-JORDAN kicks. when I was a kid That's all I used to wear. My style in Middle school was a hood prep(I hate it when they do that now). A sweater vest, dress shirt, jeans and Jordans. I even had the eddy jones jumpmans, the vin backer jump mans, the team jordan and had the air jordan low joints. But, the thing about it was, I was a jordan fan. I dug jordan as a ball player. But, in the hood people wore j's because they are supposed to be one of the statis symbols of success. However, to me, over the years, the Jordan Brand company has been very minipulative with there kicks. Especially with there JORDAN RETRO campaign. I love the idea of re-releasing old kicks from my nistalgia days, however, you can't just slap some new colors on some 5's and expect me to by them. Further more, young kids who are just interested in the cool factor, don't bother to even learn about the essence of what Micheal Jordan stands for, but, you'll make your parents give up light bill money to buy into something you know nothing about. Well for me, one day I thought about all that.
So when I went into high school, I stopped wearing sneakers all together. I felt that wearing sneaker didn't trully speak to my creative side. I also felt hood fashion at the time was losing it's edge. Around this time the Throw back jersy's and white t shirts were all the rage in every inner city neighborhood. I decided to go back to the essence in which I was raised. And that was to be an individual not a follower. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing kicks. I love todays sneaker culture, however, I just felt the sneaker began o define my statis. As many children feel all over the world. I wanted my creativity to define me. but, any way. I didn't mean to say all that.. Wait yes I did!!! But til next time, take care of yourselves.

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