Sunday, February 26, 2012


Bobby Brown wasn't the only individual who caught a lot of flack at the funeral of Songstress whitney houston!!!!R&B singer Jaheim stepped out in a purple zoot suit with a redish black ruffle shirt and black dress shoes. Let me say this, as a man who catches a lot of flack for many of the wardrobe choices when it comes to suits and getting dressed up, it takes a lot of balls to wear a suit of this nature!!!!! Specially living in the Bespoke suit era,where society forces you to dress in a suit that's so tight fitting that a man's private parts can't breathe. Then it takes guts to wear such a suit to a funeral!!!!! Looking out amongst a sea of black and you see a bright spot amongst the crowd. The utter distain for his outfit spilled from the ceremony to twitter. soon Jaheim comenced to going to war with twitter about his outfit. We at the Milt-Fresh Experience salute Jaheim crushing this suit and having the guts to feel comfortable in it!!! One thing i've learned from my years in this stunt game, people hate individuals who break rules. People are afraid of change. People are afraid of things that break tradition. It's not his suit that people have a problem with. It's where he chose wear it. When you think of a funeral, you think of a sad time. A time of sarrow, however a funeral was meant for celebrating. Yes I know you think i'm crazy, however it's the truth.When a person passes away they have detached themselves fromthe hardships of this life. No more car taxes!!!! No more bills!!!! No more struggling to keep up appearances!!!! No more heart break!!!! No more haters!!!!! One glad morning when this lif is over i'll fly away!!!! Like a bird from prison bars have flown!!!!! And instead of wearing a dark, dreary, and depressing black suit, Jaheim desided to break convential tradition and step out lively!!!! Message to Jaheom: The haters are always gonna be on you for steppong outside of the box!!! Use all of the bad press a free promotion and stunt even harder!!

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