Monday, November 28, 2011


My favorite fly dresed member of the Wu-tang Clan, Ghostface killah has always been one of my inspirations when it comes to getting dressed. I'm so in love with the two tone red and green walabee clarks!!!! Since I was a kid i've always wanted a pair of two tone clarks. But usually what used to happen was they would normally dye them. Then certain companies back between 98-99 were creating walls with two tone colors. My wallabee collection is very serious, but it would be complete with a pair of those. Takes me back to the skit on only built for cuban linx when ghost said he had visions. The multiple Gold chains brings that hood rick, slick rick vibe to his look topped with the freshest red leather jacket with the Gucci print trim!!!! No matter what Ghost always keeps an air of hood fly. No matter what the times is, ghost remains true to himself with classic retro staples. But he def knows how to make them look natural instead of nistalgic!

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