Friday, November 25, 2011


So today I wasn't planning on doing any black friday shopping, but at the last min I got the sudden urge to go shopping. Which I really needed. I started out by going to my favorite hat store Delmonico's where I came off with this tan wool apple jack hat. I also ordered two other bailey of hollywood hats that are def remarkable. I swear I love going in there. I tthink the lady in who works in there wants me LOL! She was occupied today, but next time I go in(next week) a brotha might make a move!!! LOL! Maybe!!! Anyway After that I went to another store(I refuse to comment on where) where I came up on this Roberto Cavalli scarf.Funny how I came up n this joint. This very dapper gent complimented me on my outfit and I complimented him on his jacket. From there he showwed me this mean scarf from Givenchy, I was so freakin shocked to see Givenchy in that particular store. To be honest at first I thought it was Versace, because it wasblack and white with the versace print. But he showed me the tag and I feaked. Then he pointed me inthe direction of some other scarves. I didn't want to be a biter, so I copped this robert caavalli joint. Mainly due to the all over Roberto Cavalli lettering. Had to have it!!!! You know me!!!! Over all I had a lot of fun shopping. Def more to come!!!!

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