Saturday, January 7, 2012


So it's a party to bringin the new year. Your a successful basketball star, and your about to pop the question to your long time girl friend on New Years eve. The farthest thing from your mind is what to wear right??? WRONG!!!!! Ask Lebron james how he killed em at the new year eve celebration in a mean tuxedo jacket, white dress shirt and a bow-tie. To add insult to injury he kills em with the meanest pair of plaid pants. Gettin his craig sager on(we still haven't forgiven phil jackson or Kevin grnett for talking wild to the style king craig sager)!!!!! The internet was on buzz when the flicks of lebrons outfit hit. Many were on the fence about it either being a great sartorial move or an epic fashion fail. But for those who rock Milt-fresh know tat it's all Plaid everything!!! He gets an A+ for killin the scene in plaid pants

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