Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Recently The worlds of Fashion, style, music and sports collided a few days ago at the recent Bulls Vs Lakers game, when Lil Wayne (acompanied by rumored to be wife Dhea) set attended. First off we have the issue of whho is this female hanging off of the arm of who supposedly is the best rapper alive. Two, it's also the first Wayne spat
lyrics against Kanye's "Big Brother", Jay-z. But the bigget, and I mean BIGGEST issue about Lil Wayne was, "WHAT THE HECK IS DUDE WEARIN ON HIS FEET???" JUNKS LOOK LIKE MOON SHOES!!!! LOL! But after researching the shoes/boots they are made as a collaberation between Vans and a brand called Celtek and they're basicly Snowboarding boots. Not for nothin,even though they look a little awkward, wayne is kinda killin these joints. And I can also see these catching on in mass appeal. Specially with the cats who are trying to merge the line between hood gangster rapper, skater, and rockstar. Over the years lil wayne hasn"t been one of myfavorite style stars. Basicly because he never really had a definitive style. But one thing you can't take away from him is he does what he feels. He alwys finds a way to make noise and cause controversey with what he has on. Like in September when he rocked the leopard jeggings to the mtv awards. very bold and ballsy move for a gangster rapper. I mean Snowboardingboots aren't anything New. Two years ago Pharrell Rocked a pair of Nike Snowboarding Boots to Paris fashion week and people chalked it up to that being Pharrell. I guess as star the critics are always gonna come at what you waer. But in the end, as a star it's about selling yourself ad causing controversy. And through what he's been wearing, wayne has been doing just that. He also caused an erruption on the net when he wore lime green ugg-type snow boots in drake's video for the motto!!! Well lets wait and see what wayne comes up with in the upcoming year.

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