Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Earlier today I was checking out the blogs and came across a flick of NYC style icon and former head buyer for Neiman Marcus Nick Wooster, sporting these mean animal print and spiked dress shoes with shorts. In my head I was saying, word dang even the ever innovative Nick Wooster is cashing in on the Christian Louboutin Epidemic. How silly of me to conceive such a notion. I looked under the caption and what did I see, they weren't Louboutins. They're made from a brand called giamaco morelli. from first glance one has to ask themselves whats the difference between a pair of louboutins and a pair of morelli's. to some, no major difference. same flashy, fashion foward feel with crazy animal print and sikes. didn't really get to my homework on the brands history, but the price point is some what lower. for a pair a of morelli's you could pay anywhere between $300-700. Which is a steal compared to $1000 off of one pair. However, I do feel since Nick wooster was spotted with them, you'll see more of the fashion foward clinging too this particular brand.

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